reede, mai 14, 2004

More of That Damn Liberal Media

One of those raging liberals over at the New York Post is calling on Rumsfeld to resign. Can you believe these guys? They're just trying to take Bush down. Bunch of partisan Democratic hacks they are over there. Always looking to politicize situations and hurt Bush. Now they're going after Rumsfeld. This is disgusting.

Seriously, many of my 15 or so readers probably haven't lived in New York, but the New York Post turning on a Republican administration is about on par with Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh calling for Bush's impeachment. That sound you hear is hell freezing over.

In other words, have a nice apocalypse.

This editorial, by the way, makes the point I've been trying to make since this started, which is that there are many very good reasons to call for Rumsfeld's resignation independent of prisoners being abused and wanting him to step down isn't necessarily a political ploy. The man has lost credibility, whether he deserved to or not. I imagine many people in both parties have serious doubts about his ability to do his job effectively now. Getting rid of him may be what's best for the country and, more importantly for the Post I imagine, for Bush. If anything, it would give the "personal responsibility" president a chance to hold somebody personally responsible for something.

It won't happen, though. Because Democrats have called for it and Bush won't want to look like he caved to their demands. Unless Rummy suddenly decides to "spend more time with his family," I don't think he's going anywhere, regardless of what's best for the country and the military. Not that Bush would ever place politics ahead of the national interest, but you know...well, yes, he would.

By the way, isn't Ralph Peters the same right-winger who compared Howard Dean to Hitler a few months back? And now he's turning on Rumsfeld? Yep. Apocalypse. Any minute now.

(link via Atrios)

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