reede, mai 28, 2004

Media Conspiracy

So some idiot wrote this letter to the LA Times today:

Re "Iraq Could Force Blair Into Twilight," Commentary, May 25: So "each incident — each bombing, each U.S. attack on a town and each new photographic revelation of abuse — prompts Britons to reassess the original decision to go to war"?

And what do they think when they read about the Iraqi schools being rebuilt, school supplies donated by the American people and flown free of charge by FedEx directly into Iraq, the hospitals being reopened and the oil being pumped into the economy? Oh, that's right … they don't! Seems the British and American press are the ones that formed "an alliance of convenience" to abandon journalistic ethics in favor of promoting their own agendas.

Having lived among the British people for five years, I know they would at least find this deception distasteful. As an American, I find it downright intolerable. Those in the press should "reassess" their decision to make certain that Bush and Blair lose this war.

Okay, is there really anyone out there anywhere who doesn't know we've reopened schools and hospitals? For all the right wing whining about it, what good news there is certainly has been reported. Pretending there is some media conspiracy to hide the facts is beyond stupid and quite obviously false.

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