esmaspäev, mai 17, 2004

A Man's Man

Via Dan Froomkin, Reuters brings us a look at average down-to-earth American George W. Bush's financial records. Highlights:

Bush's annual financial disclosure form shows he received a $1,000 pair of gold cuff links from Van Cliburn.

Other gifts included an $1,800 puzzle, $3,625 worth of golfing equipment, and a pair of fishing poles with a combined value of over $1,000. Vice President Dick Cheney gave Bush a personalised jacket and bag valued at $360 and Bush's Secret Service bodyguards gave him a $2,054 flagpole with plaque.

Bush's single largest asset was his ranch, valued at somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

The form shows Bush also has millions of dollars in Treasury notes, certificate of deposits and cash.

For all of the idiotic right-wing mockery of elitist John Kerry's $5,000 bike, I'd really like to see more discussion of ordinary guy Bush's $1,800 puzzle.

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