esmaspäev, mai 03, 2004

It's Called Science, Jackass

"We've been to museums, discovery centers, where you have to sit there and take the evolutionary stuff," Mr. Passmore said. "It feels good for them to finally hear it in a public place, something that reinforces their beliefs."

Yes. "Evolutionary stuff." Can't have none of that.

Creationist Theme Parks. There's so much wrong with this, I can't even begin to cover it. So I offer only this for now:

Somewhat more creationist in approach is the Nerve-Wracking Ball: a bowling ball on a rope, dangling from a tall tree branch. A child stands before the ball, and then a park guide gives it a shove from a specific angle, so that it comes careering back at the child's face only to stop just in front of it. The child wins if he does not flinch, proving he has "faith in God's laws" — in this case, that a swinging object will never come back higher than the point from which it took off.

Okay, is that really fun for ultra-religious, home-schooled, creationist children? Because if so, man, I pity them even more than I did when I just thought they were being taught ignorance and stupidity.

These children have long lives of painful ridicule awaiting them.

Might as well enjoy Jumposaurus while they can, I guess.

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