esmaspäev, mai 03, 2004

It's About Character

This post by Josh Marshall could be the most sussinct statement of why I will never vote for George W. Bush. His "strength of character" or "integrity" or whatever Republicans are trying to dress stubbornness up as this week has very real consequences. The inability to admit mistakes makes it very difficult to fix them. The CEO mentality that these people seem to think is an asset is a liability.

The Bush campaign has made a big deal over the last week of mocking John Kerry because they're finally starting to do all of the things he and other Democrats been recommending they do for almost a year now. The fact that, 12 months after invading, Bush finally recognized that he needs international assistance is not a good thing. If John Kerry was president, he'd have been working with the UN on the transfer of power in April 2003, not April 2004.

And that could ultimately have made all the difference.

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