teisipäev, mai 04, 2004

Freedom and Prosperity

Two thoughts on this story:

1) "Peace and freedom depend upon this election. Prosperity for the people depend upon this election."

Can a man who started two wars in under two years seriously run on a platform of peace? And is he really trying to tell me John Kerry doesn't care about peace, freedom, and prosperity? That somehow John Kerry's going to destroy freedom? Because that's crap and he knows it. And to run around talking about "changing the tone" and turn around and fling this sort of idiocy at Kerry is just pathetic.

180 days to the election and I'm already sick of empty rhetoric. It's going to be a very long six months, isn't it?

2) "See, I believe that the best way to generate economic growth is to let people keep more of their own money. There are some people in Washington who think the best way to generate jobs and growth is to grow the size of the federal government."

Once, just once, I would like to see him actually explain why his way is the better way. I mean, I want to see a real, fact-based justification for the argument from the president for why his economic policies are preferrable to John Kerry's. Kerry is able to point to the 1990s and show that his approach clearly does not prevent economic growth. So why is Bush's way better?

This isn't to say that Kerry has made much of a case for why his way is better, other than comparing the economic outlook throughout Bush's term with that of the 90s, which isn't an entirely fair comparison. But Bush uses this "I'm giving you more of your own money" and "John Kerry wants to (the horror!) increase the size of the federal government" crap every day in every speech and I'd like to see him back it up and tell me why one is better than the other.


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