esmaspäev, mai 03, 2004

Enthralling Television

Looks like Drudge is reporting that Nightline's ratings were down on Friday. And the conservative pundits appear to be looking at this like some kind of victory.


Well, I mean, I know why. They're dishonest jerks. But really, why is this a surprise? I could have told you that Ted Koppel reading a list of names wasn't going to be a ratings winner. Anyone could have. You put that up against Leno and Letterman and you think it's going to do well? Do these people know nothing about television or are they just pretending?

I watched the first 15 minutes or so of Nightline. I couldn't take any more. Not because it was sad but because it was boring as all hell. It was a moving tribute, yes, but I didn't need 40 minutes to get myself moved. I got the point pretty quick and I knew he had 700 more names to go. As far as captivating television goes, this is right up there with reruns of the Single Guy. I applaud Ted Koppel for doing it, but I certainly didn't want to watch it.

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