esmaspäev, mai 17, 2004

Dirty Dancing

Again from Froomkin, this amusing New Yorker quiz:

2. What did Karl Rove say he wished had been done differently?

(a) He wished that Condoleezza Rice had fired Dick Clarke on January 21, 2001.

(b) He wished that Paul Wolfowitz had known exactly how many U.S. troops had died in Iraq, instead of underestimating the number by more than two hundred.

(c) He wished that the “Mission Accomplished” banner had not been raised on that aircraft carrier.

(d) He wished that Fabian Basabe, the Ecuadoran socialite wanted in California on three warrants for speeding, driving under the influence, and trespassing, had not been pictured on the front page of the Daily News“dirty dancing” with the President’s daughter Barbara.

I had never heard of this Fabian Basabe thing and I follow the news pretty closely. Imagine for a second if it was 1995 and Chelsea Clinton had been dancing with him.

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