kolmapäev, mai 26, 2004

Crossing the Line

I understand campaign ads can be misleading. It pisses me off, but I can't work up outrage every time. Watching both campaigns, though, I'm consistently amazed at how far Bush is willing to go to distort Kerry's record. Most of his negative ads have been built on nearly complete falsehoods (the $900 billion tax increase, the 50 cent gas tax, the 350 votes for higher taxes, etc.), but this is really a new low. He's accusing Kerry of opposing specific provisions of the Patriot Act that Kerry explicitly supports. And Kerry's playing politics with national security.

It's disgusting that this slimeball has been allowed to run a baseball team, let alone a country. What the hell is wrong with slightly less than a plurality of American voters that they actually voted for this jackass?

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