pühapäev, mai 02, 2004

Chain of Command

Turns out Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Richard Myers never knew about the report on abuse at military prisons in Iraq:

Myers told ABC's "This Week" that he had not seen the 53-page report by Major Gen. Antonio Taguba that the magazine said it obtained. "I cannot comment on the veracity of that report," Myers said.

So Sy Hersh can get his hands on a copy of a 53 page report by a US general alleging widespread abuse of prisoners and the nation's top military officer knows nothing about it? At what point in the chain of command did someone decide this was something Myers didn't need to see? Is this really that much better than him knowing about and doing nothing?

Kind of knocks out the argument that the Bush administration may have had it investigated earlier, though, doesn't it?

Update: Apparently a military investigation was indeed underway. My bad. Although I still question why this didn't get in Myers' hands sooner and why Bush appears to have done very little about the Amnesty International report last year that made many of these same allegations.

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