teisipäev, mai 25, 2004

Calm Down

With regard to John Kerry and the possibility he'll delay accepting the nomination until after the convention--stop talking about it. Seriously, people, he isn't doing it. Or at least, he isn't doing it yet. He's considering it. His campaign floated the idea to see how people would react. They've reacted. Now, he'll make a decision on whether or not to do it. So stop talking about it like he's going to do it. It doesn't reveal anything about his character. It's not symbolic of anything. It's a very simple solution to an understandable problem. And it is one idea among many he is considering to resolve that problem. There is no more story to tell right now. There's no deep analysis to do because it hasn't happened. It was a test balloon. It means nothing. So just shut up about it until he actually announces he's going to do it.

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