neljapäev, mai 06, 2004

Bush's Strange Definition of "Flip-Flop"

From this Reuters story:

The four-term senator from Massachusetts voted for Bush's education reform -- the No Child Left Behind Act -- but has criticized the president for failing to fund it adequately or to enforce some of its provisions.

The Bush campaign cites Kerry's vote and subsequent opposition as further evidence of flip-flopping on issues.

We're going to take this slow because clearly the Bush campaign can't keep up. Kerry voted for NCLB. Bush underfunded it and didn't enforce all of its provisions. Kerry criticized him for underfunding it and not enforcing all of its provisions. Bush accuses him of flip-flopping.

One more time, slowly. Kerry criticizes Bush for the way he has implemented, or in this case not implemented, provisions of a law Kerry supports. Kerry has said that, if president, he would fully fund NCLB. Kerry votes for a bill, then calls for fully enforcing it because Bush isn't.

And somehow Kerry's the one who's flip-flopping?

Also, props to Kerry for the Bay of Pigs comparison. Not all presidents are afraid to admit they're wrong.

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