esmaspäev, mai 03, 2004

Blinded by the Right

From mediamatters.org, this gem from Ralph Reed:

"I get in the car in the morning and listen to Rush Limbaugh. On the way home, I listen to Sean Hannity. At night I watch Fox News," he said.

I realizing I'm pretty close to beating this one to death, but why on earth should someone be proud of this? I don't run around bragging about getting all my news from the Nation and Air America. You know why not? Because I'm not stupid enough to think I'd be getting particularly accurate news from them. Sure, Al Franken's great for entertainment, but I'm probably going to try to factcheck him before I reference him. Again we see this idiotic attitude of responding to a perceived minor bias to the left leading conservatives to seek news sources with a blatant slant to the right.

Ralph, it doesn't hurt to sometimes hear the opinions of those who disagree with you. Or to get facts from those who espouse no opinion. It can be an interesting experience. But it could also make you doubt Bush's perfection, so I can understand why you'd hesitate.

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