neljapäev, mai 20, 2004

A Better President

"Bush Seeks to Rally GOP Around Iraq War Plan"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Bush was trying to rally the country or all of Congress around his war plan, rather than just Republican lawmakers? Imagine an alternate reality in which a Republican president who actually does have any interest in uniting the country met with Democratic lawmakers to discuss Iraq. A president who is actually capable of setting aside his political needs for a minute and show some concern over the discord that is dividing his country. A president who is actually committed to bringing us all together. A president who is willing to come out and level with the public about what he is doing and has done, admitting his mistakes and vowing to correct them. A president who treats all of us like we matter, rather than just the half of us he needs to vote for him.

It's crazy, I know. But would that be wonderful?

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