esmaspäev, mai 10, 2004

Bad Kerry

According to the new US News and World Report, the Kerry campaign plans on stepping up attacks on Dick Cheney's Vietnam deferments.

I really hope that isn't true. One of Kerry's biggest mistakes in April was allowing himself to get bogged down in this childish debate over his own service. I don't blame him for that. The Bush team fired the first shot and Kerry felt the need to defend his honor. Ultimately, though, it was an irrelevant discussion that highlighted signs of Kerry's political opportunism that overshadowed his brave service. It was just a tremendous waste of everybody's time. I think the media was primarily responsible for it by constantly pushing Kerry and, like Kerry said, doing the RNC's work by looking for contradictions and lies where there were none.

But if Kerry's going to voluntarily dive back into this debate with personal attacks on Cheney, he'll have nobody to blame but himself when it inevitably backfires on him.

Why is it so hard for the man to just keep his focus on Bush and his disagreements with Bush's policies?

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