teisipäev, mai 04, 2004

Back to the Gray Lady

I just want to return to this for a moment. In the WorldNetDaily column that conclusively proves Bush's affair with Elizabeth Bumiller, the underlying thesis is that the NYT is unfairly biased in favor of Kerry. One of the examples presented for this is the ridiculous piece planted on the front page of the Times last week about Kerry's butler/personal assistant.

This is how stupid Bob Kohn is.

The NYT story is about as damaging to Kerry's image as any I've seen in the mainstream press. It's a profile of the man who makes John Kerry his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches twice a day. It paints Kerry as a rich snob who can't even be bothered to dress himself, let alone make his own lunch. It falls into every single RNC spin point against Kerry.

It also briefly notes toward the beginning that every presidential candidate has such an assistant. We're still waiting for the accompanying front page story on Bush's aide.

But Kohn says this story proves a) the Times has a pro-Kerry bias and b) the reporter is sleeping with Kerry. Setting aside the second point, how can anyone be so tremendously stupid that they believe that was a positive story? I mean, fundamentally, how does a profile of anyone's butler make him look like a regular guy? Doesn't the fact that he has a butler in the first place kind of differentiate him from the rest of us who, for the most part, do not have butlers?

And the thing that really pisses me off is that the Britton Steins of the world look to this site for their news. Not their opinions, their news. So very sad.

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