kolmapäev, aprill 28, 2004

Your Friends and Neighbors

Jim McDermott did something moderately stupid. My first thought on this is that I'm glad his spokesman pointed out that "under God" was added to the pledge in the 1950s. Most people probably don't know that they were just part of the right's overreaction to "godless" communism.

More significantly, I found this line from Pete Sessions sort of odd:

"He and those like him stand more for the liberal left than they do for our friends and neighbors," Sessions said.

Well, McDermott's from Seattle, so I imagine his friends and neighbors are part of the liberal left, but I get the point. That point being that the liberal left is some manner of disembodied cloud that does not exist in conventional space. Because certainly nobody has liberal friends and neighbors. Nope. They just don't live anywhere.

Can we call this right-wing elitism? Or is it only elitist when Democrats dismiss the thoughts of a portion of the electorate as irrelevant?

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