esmaspäev, aprill 19, 2004


A couple of things brought to my attention by Dan Froomkin's Washington Post column today. First, this exchange with Condi Rice:

"Schieffer: So he knew that Bandar was being told?

"Rice: So he -- we -- I certainly knew, and I suspect that Colin would not have been surprised going through the Gulf War experience that one of the allies that you had to be certain understood what might happen if the president decided to go to war was the Saudis."

Now, I saw this in a story last night, but I'm looking at it again and apparently, rather than trust Bob Woodward's long history of honest reporting, extensive notes, and actual recordings of conversations, we're supposed to believe suspicion that Colin Powell wouldn't have been surprised by what was going on as evidence Woodward's lying. Note how she doesn't actually say Powell knew.

Also, this:

At Friday's public session with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bush himself didn't exactly deny the Woodward timetable. Did he ask Rumsfeld to draw up war plans against Iraq in November, 2001?

"You know, I can't remember exact dates that far back," Bush said.

Boy, this one just raises a whole slew of questions, don't it? First of all, "November, 2001" isn't an exact date. It's an entire month. Can you remember doing something somewhere in a 30-day range? Apparently, that's too much to expect from this guy. Also, the exact month isn't the point. If it was December or October, it's just as bad. So unless you're having trouble distinguishing between late 2001 and late 2002, you can answer the damn question.

Let's hear it for honesty and integrity in the White House one more time, huh?

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