kolmapäev, aprill 07, 2004

Slow Down Ralph

While I appreciate Ralph's sentiment, things like this concern me. I'm glad to see someone's out there going nuclear on Bush, but that causes new problems of its own. One of the major criticisms of Kerry coming from the left is that he isn't hitting Bush hard enough. A lot of people are very frustrated that he doesn't seem to share their visceral hatred of Bush and that he appears to be another typical weak politician. Now, Nader has said that he can help Democrats by saying things Kerry can't. That's not unreasonable and I think that may really be what he thinks he's doing. The thing is, while at first this seems like a good thing, suddenly he becomes a more attractive candidate to the far left. Maybe I'm giving Nader too much credit, but I don't think that's his intention. But like so many things about his presidential campaign, including its existence at all, Nader doesn't seem to be thinking things through far enough and considering the consequences of his actions. Those consequences being a second Bush term which I know he doesn't want.

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