esmaspäev, aprill 26, 2004


From TV Guide, a Law and Order viewer has discovered that some episodes bear a slight resemblence to recent news stories. Who'd have guessed?

"As a fan of the Law & Order franchise (my heart belongs to Special Victims Unit), I have been dismayed by the recent spate of episodes touted as having been "ripped from the headlines." I don't think occasionally drawing from reality is terrible. However, I don't look to these shows to rehash the nightly news — I watch to see things I couldn't have read about anywhere else. A recent "ripped" SVU episode followed a millionaire pedophile who was effeminate and lived in a toy-stocked mansion that had a fantasy atmosphere. Yes, I got it. I was also bored to tears by it. Why can't they stick to creating compelling original story lines, and leave the news to Dan Rather? Can you tell me if this is a ratings ploy, and if so, does it work?"

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