kolmapäev, aprill 28, 2004

Ricky Vandal Watch II: Deep in the Heart of Yexas

Hopefully, I'll have time to return to this one later, but for now, I'm just going to drop it out there:

You're missing the point. He threw away the symbols of the war. That's what he said. Why is he wearing them now so proudly? Why? American soldiers in Vietnam were war criminals according to him. What happened? Kerry cares only about Kerry. The guy is a selfish piece of *work*. The guy had no backbone. No morals. But then again, what do you expect from a guy who helps the enemies of his country, the VC win the war against his own country. Kerry is an internationalist. Not a nationalist. He is a universal citizen. He feels no loyalty to America. Bush is an American. From Texas. From rural yexas. He loves the land. He has a farm. If I ever see TV footage of him walking around barefoot on his farm I'm going to officially recommend him to get the title of greatest American president since president Polk. How can an American claim he loves this land if he has never walked around barefoot? You have to feel the soil on your feet to appreciate this country. Bush is of this American soil. Kerry is of the city. He couldn't care less if it was in America or France. As long as he has a nice life. An American president should kiss the ground. Taste the soil with his tongue. Bush I bet does this. I know I do. Liberals don't do stuff like this. That's why Kerry is an American, but not of the American soil. Bush is a good American. I like him.

Ricky Vandal.

Please tell me this isn't how they all think.

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