kolmapäev, aprill 28, 2004

Ricky Vandal Watch I: Tell Your Wife "Screw You"

That's right. I've got me a new regular feature (We'll get back to Amar later today). There's a right-wing troll who lurks around Kevin Drum's Washington Monthly blog and Pandagon who runs his own bizarre little blog. I'm not sure I can stomach venturing into that little corner of Bush-land regularly, but I'll come across his comments on entries from time to time. For your benefit, I'm going to be reposting his greatest hits here. For example:

Hey I don't care whether he threw away his ribbons instead of his medals. Say if you tell your wife "screw you" and you throw her out the door, What does that mean? In your liberal mind that mean something else than in my mind and the minds of the majority of Americans. The only way you liberals are going to push there ribbons is not medals through our throats is if you manage to drive us insane. I assure you. We will drive you liberals insane.

It gets better, as you'll see in the next entry.

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