kolmapäev, aprill 28, 2004

Note to the WSJ Editorial Board

George W. Bush telling Bob Woodward he told his people not to stretch the truth is not the same as a) him actually telling them that or b) them listening to him.

This was December 2002. First of all, that's about four months after Bush started the march to war, so it's a bit late in the game for him to issue that warning. More importantly, it's a bit late for him to finally get around to looking at the WMD evidence and finding it unconvincing. Also, we know that in January 2003 Dick Cheney's office tried to insert evidence into Colin Powell's UN presentation that Powell considered "bullshit." So given that Dick Cheney, who Republicans are quick to point out is soooo deferential to Bush in the book, tried to stretch the truth, what does that say about Bush's claim to have said or meant that in December 2002?

And what was he doing in May 2003 when he claimed we found weapons of mass destruction already? Seems to me that's a bit of truth-stretching.

Who's the liar now, bitches?

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