teisipäev, aprill 06, 2004

The Miller Effect

Recently, I've seen some people around the internet try to argue that it's hypocritical to attack Zell Miller for criticizing John Kerry while praising John McCain for saying positive things about him. Today's Daily Howler describes an incident that pretty clearly spells out the difference. Miller on CNN accused Kerry of voting for higher taxes 350 times. Now, as anyone who's trying at all to find honesty in this election season knows, that is far from true. It is in fact blatantly dishonest. But here's Miller on national television repeating it. And Judy Woodruff doesn't say a word, but that's a topic for another day. McCain, meanwhile, says things like John Kerry wants to defend this country. Or dishonest negative attacks should be beneath us. See, the difference is Miller's comments reinforce Bush's spin. McCain's deflate spin and focus on the truth, whether it's good for Kerry or not. What McCain says, however inconvenient for Bush, is true. What Miller says, to the great detriment of his fellow Democrat, if you can even call him that in jest, is not true. The accurate comparison to McCain would be Joe Lieberman. Now, I criticize Lieberman over here because I don't like his positions, not because I consider him a traitor to the party. So I wouldn't call that hypocrisy either.

While we're on the subject of hypocrisy, though, let's hear it for Dick Cheney and higher gas prices.

These people are unbelievable.

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