esmaspäev, aprill 19, 2004

Liberal Media, Etc.

This is in a news story in the "liberal" New York Times:

The most awkward moment came after the Vietnam-era videotape, Mr. Kerry's "Meet the Press" debut, with the candidate watching his younger self use grave and graphic words to describe the Vietnam War.

"Where did all the dark hair go, Tim?" Mr. Kerry tried, wearing an odd grin. "That's a big question for me."

I'm glad Jodi Willogren can decide for me when a grin is "odd." Kerry made a joke. It wasn't that funny. This isn't news. Politicians tell lame jokes all the time. Kerry then went on to provide an honest explanation for why he said these things at the time, which is really supposed to be the point of this article. But any chance you get to paint Kerry as inhuman and unable to relate to normal people (you know, normal people like Tim Russert), of course those damn liberal journalists need to pick up on it.

There is nothing newsworthy about this moment. Period.

Stupid, stupid reporters.

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