pühapäev, aprill 18, 2004

Fuck John Ashcroft


The man is scum. He sat there under oath and misled the American people in a desperate attempt to cover his own ass. And the media ate it up. Anyone paying even an ounce of attention knows accusing Gorelick of creating the wall was complete crap, but Republicans went nuts with it anyway. These worthless creeps calling for her resignation, trying to discredit the commission with lies, really, I can't take shit like this anymore. Ashcroft sat there and accused her of something she didn't do just to deflect blame and Republicans support him.

How are Republicans okay with this? Why aren't they out there calling for Ashcroft's resignation?

I've asked this question before, but seriously, why are these people so intent on discrediting a commission assigned to protect our country? The commission has said nothing untrue, nothing unfair. If you don't want to hear you could have stopped a terrorist attack, stop it. Don't go whining about blame when you're asked to own up to your mistakes.

These disgusting Republicans accusing the commission of partisanship just because it asked Condi Rice some hard questions about why she wasn't doing her job, why does anyone go along with it? Why isn't the story about Republicans making baseless attacks on the commission's credibility? They try to pretend the commission isn't also blaming Clinton, but you don't see Democrats questioning the commission's honesty. Republican commissioners publicly questioning Richard Clarke's motives was the most partisan thing I've seen from the commission. Democrats didn't immediately run out and try to discredit them for it. Because we know their work is important.

Republicans, apparently, just don't care.

It isn't worth wasting civility and patience on these people anymore.

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