kolmapäev, aprill 07, 2004

Frenchman Contradicts William Safire

So wait. You're telling me that it's possible that William Safire and the WSJ editorial page might be misleading me to advance their own political agendas? I don't know, Mr. French Guy. That's kind of hard to believe. I mean, Bill Safire's never done anything dishonest, like trumpeting discredited links between Iraq and al--oh right. Well, he didn't spend most of the 90s insisting that the first lady was going to be indicted for--oh. Huh. Well, then. Maybe Bill Safire's just a liar.

I'm glad to see France is sticking up for itself. And this is a very strong rebuttal that makes it clear that if anyone was profitting from corruption in the oil-for-food program, it was the US. I also liked the quick jab at Halliburton.

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