kolmapäev, aprill 07, 2004

Again with the Lying

From Dan Froomkin's column:

Mimi Hall of USA Today writes: "White House spokesman Scott McClellan complained last month that when she testified in private, 'only five members showed up' to hear what she had to say.

"What McClellan didn't tell reporters was that on Nov. 21 -- long before Rice met with the five commissioners in February -- the White House counsel's office had sent the commission a letter saying no more than three commissioners could attend meetings with White House aides of Rice's rank."

This from McClellan's March 9 briefing:: "She was more than happy to visit with the commission. Only five members actually showed up, despite the fact that it was scheduled for the entire commission."

Now, given that McClellan was attacking the bipartisan, independent commission members whose sole purpose is to determine how 9/11 happened for this, doesn't it seem rather grossly offensive that he did so with such dishonesty?

More importantly, why the hell were they only supposed to allow three members to attend the meeting?

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