esmaspäev, märts 22, 2004

Stop the Presses

Oh my God!!!!!

John Kerry's homes are worth $33 million! Can you believe it? It's over. I could never vote for a man who owns homes that are worth $33 million, even if most of the money is his wife's. Can't do it. I mean, the White House isn't worth $33 million, is it? How could Kerry possibly function in a house that's not as expensive? He'd be all, "Ah! This house isn't worth $33 million!" Then he'd curl up on the floor and cry, drying his eyes with his money, of which he has so much. He'd just sit there for four years, marveling at how much less than his other homes this one costs. He's clearly unfit for the presidency.

Guess I just have to vote for Bush now. At least he isn't a rich man with a large, valuable piece of property, like a ranch of some sort, somewhere in Texas or anything.

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