kolmapäev, märts 24, 2004

How Dare He?

Well, this may be even stupider than the people who criticized Kerry for being rich. Setting aside for the moment that the only source for this story is the American Spectator--actually, no. Let's start with that. Can the American Spectator ever be trusted to print anything remotely true about a Democrat? Especially something that is anonymously attributed to a Kerry staffer. Second, you're upset because he showed up late in a ski suit? Is that really uncommon near a ski resort? But I really don't see how these people have the right to question John Kerry's faith or his ability to receive Communion. If receiving Communion offends God, that's between John Kerry and God, not John Kerry and the American Life League. Considering he's running against Captian Flight Suit, there's also something hilarious about anyone criticizing Kerry for seeking a photo-op.

Although if Christ ever did say "Come to me, all you who would use my church in a cheap attempt to shamelessly promote your ambitions," the Bible could have been a lot more interesting.


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