neljapäev, märts 25, 2004

Freedom, Sweet Freedom

"I saw a threat," Mr. Bush said a moment later. "The Congress saw a threat,
the United Nations Security Council saw a threat in the form of Saddam
Hussein. He was not only a threat to people in the Middle East because of
terrorist ties, he was a threat to America or anybody else who loved

Okay, I understand Bush needs to say something to defend the war. And I don't agree with him, but I'll give him that Saddam might have been a threat to America. I think a reporter badly needs to challenge him on that and get him to explain exactly how, but it's not entirely unreasonable. But that last part, about Saddam being a threat to everyone who loves freedom?

Please God, tell me that's not what he really thinks.

We're not talking about Doctor Doom here. We're not talking about the Borg. We're talking about Saddam Hussein. An evil man running a small country with a pathetically weak army that didn't even want to fight for him. He wasn't Hitler. He had no grand designs for world domination. He wasn't going to enslave western Europe. He didn't hate freedom. He just denied it to his people in order to maintain his power. But he was no threat to my freedom or the freedom of the average Swede. So stop trying to make yourself look like Churchill.


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