reede, märts 19, 2004

Eight pints of fishing maggots

Heh. Crocodile penis.

"Also recovered at the shop was a short video and an e-mail relating to the dolphin skeleton. The video showed him pouring maggots over a dead dolphin in an old bath in his garden. The e-mail sent to a taxidermist chat-room explained what it was all about. "I've got a problem," Hudson wrote. "Her indoors brought home a dolphin the other day... I skinned it and took most of the flesh off it, put it in an old bath and threw eight pints of fishing maggots on it. They are eating it slowly.""

See, what I don't get is that they actually have a law banning the use of a dolphin skeleton for commercial purposes. What purposes for the use of a dolphin skeleton are they okay with over there?

Cobra snake wine, on the other hand, would be a great name for a band.

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