kolmapäev, märts 24, 2004

And Your Point Is?

The Republican congressional staff has put together a list of "rich" people who would face tax increases under John Kerry's plan. This, apparently, is meant to make Kerry's plan look bad. The list is based on the 2.3 million tax returns in the top tax bracket:

1.82 million families
6.24 million people
741,000 businesses
535,216 sole proprietorships
52,135 farms
230,933 small businesses
713,050 people paying some self employment taxes

Okay, now, keeping in mind the very broad and dishonest Republican definition of a small business owner, what the hell does any of this prove? 1.82 million families? Fine, but they can still be rich families. How does that matter? They're still making whatever they're making. 6.24 million people if you include all of the members of those families. When the acceptable Republican definition of rich stopped including families with children, I have no idea. 52,000 farms, okay, that really doesn't sound like very many. And if they're in the top tax bracket, they're pretty successful farms.

So my question is, are people really dumb enough to consider this a damaging criticism of Kerry? Did anybody not think his policy would have raised taxes on some families? I don't really see where they're going with this one. Well, I do, but I just hope people aren't stupid enough to buy it.

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