reede, märts 19, 2004

America's Objectives

Saletan coming at you:

"Nineteen Italians get killed in a war that Bush and Cheney started against the will of most Italians, but it's Kerry, not Bush, who has shown contempt for Italy and other "friends of the United States." Better yet, the foreign leaders with whom Kerry has consorted don't just oppose Bush's policy in Iraq; they "oppose America's objectives." If Jacques Chirac imagines that what he opposed in Iraq was Bush's method of achieving objectives shared by France, he fails to understand that Bush's policies, by definition, are America's objectives."

Pretty much the clearest distillation of everything that's wrong and dishonest about the Bush campaign so far that I have seen. These are truly some shameless, disgusting people. That's obvious. Their supporters have to know that.

So why do they support them?

Apparently, to do otherwise would be to appease terrorists. So sayeth the Krauthammer.

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