esmaspäev, märts 22, 2004

All in the Timing

Scott McClellan on Clarke: "If Dick Clarke had such grave concerns, why wait so long? Why wait until the election?"

First of all, it's, what, seven months before the election? How far beforehand would have been okay with Scottie? Second, he didn't wait. This stuff made it into a Time article in August 2002. I would guess that much of the year and a half since was taken up by writing the book, editing it, publishing it, and whatnot. It's a somewhat time-consuming process. But really, what good would it do anyone after the election? Well, obviously, it would be better for Bush. Still, why are they so scared to actually face these accusations now while the American people are actually paying attention? Probably because many of them are true, but that's never stopped Bush from lying before. If Clarke is serious about fixing the problems with Bush's approach to terrorism, now is really the best time he could release this book. That Time article was discussed a little in 2002 and clearly quickly forgotten by many people. It didn't have the impact Clarke must have hoped for. Writing a book to be released over a half a year before the election seems like the logical follow-up. It's early enough that it shouldn't seem to a fair observer to be a partisan attack, but it's close enough that it might start a meaningful debate.

Wishful thinking, I know.

More importantly, though, is this the best they can do? Scottie questioning his timing? Condi Rice again falsely claiming nobody thought they'd fly planes into buildings and Dick Cheney mocking the guy on Limbaugh? No actual refutation of his facts? He co-teaches with a Kerry advisor? No wonder they were so worried about this book for so long.

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