reede, märts 19, 2004

Addicted to Amar

Meet Amar.

This is what I expect will be a regular feature here, updating everyone, by which I mean me really, on the thoughts of Mr. Amar Weisman, recent Georgetown graduate and, if I understood this right, owner of a villa in Spain.

Today, besides learning that Amar owns no green clothing, we learn that John McCain might actually disagree with John Kerry on some issues. Them being members of different political parties, this had never occurred to me before.

It was a story because a) most people think McCain hates Bush and it would create a ticket that would kick W's ass and b) McCain's initial comments were not really close to a denial. The Kerry/McCain ticket was always kind of a longshot, what if proposition. Nobody actually took it seriously. Basically, it's just more interesting to talk about McCain than the virtues of Bob Graham. If it's a crime to not want to talk about Bob Graham, I think we're all guilty. We've got a decision that isn't actually going to be made for several months, but we also have political analysts who need to talk about something. It's sad but true. This was no more or less of a story than Kerry's "foreign leader" comments, Kerry going snowboard, or the Bush campaign accidentally buying merchandise from Burma.

It's a long 8 months until November and we have to fill it somehow. If the McCain VP story is the most pointless fluff journalism we see in the next year, we will be incredibly lucky. I'm not hopeful.

Also, he spelled temperamental wrong.

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